Worldcon 2013 Report

I’ll keep this short long. First:   Second: Not only was this my first Worldcon, it was my first con of any kinds since I went to a Gencon sometime […]

Cover Reveal: Daughter of Nothing

I am thrilled to reveal the cover for my upcoming novel Daughter of Nothing. It features stunning artwork by Anna Dittmann. The novel, which launches my new YA science fiction series […]

Eric's Writing Space

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Three pieces of news . . . All of which are exciting, stunning, and world-changing (to me, anyway). First: My next novel is off to my editor, who will proceed […]

**Spoiler Warning—read only if you’ve finished Starkiller** World Famous Teenager Speaks Publicly for the First Time Since First Contact by Margaret Clarkson We meet in a hotel suite in downtown […]

New Release: "Angry Sean"

I’m stoked to announce that my short story “Angry Sean” is rolling out across the ebook universe. Pick up a copy for the ereader of choice on Kindle or Nook or […]