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I’m excited to be included in this incredible bundle featuring some fantastic novels. is a fantastic new ebook retailer that focuses exclusively on putting together bundles around central themes.

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Are you a teen?

Did you used to be a teen?

Are you going to be a teen soon?

Then you know that teenagers are already the most powerful force in the known universe. Which makes teenagers with superpowers pretty much unstoppable!

In this collection of stories featuring super teens, you’ll meet:

  • Danny and Breyona, who are caught in the middle of a war between two alien races.
  • Conner, Almira, Ricky, and Flower, who release an army of Grim Reapers into the world.
  • Riley Jamison, who can change the future with his thoughts.
  • Kyle, who discovers that his family has a horrific and violent secret.
  • Blue, who hates zombies because, among other reasons, they have scared all the hot girls away.
  • Young Jin, transported by accidental magic from the icy streets of Thama to the mysterious desert world of Darha.
  • Rick, who wakes up in the hospital reading the thoughts of everyone around him.
  • Kelley Strickland, and her twin brother Jeroan, who both accidentally step into an ancient battle between two sorcerers.
  • Claire Murray, who inherits a dragon and discovers she’s a faery princess.
  • Garrick, a mage’s apprentice, who is soon to be a full-fledged sorcerer.
  • Lucy Daz, a teenage orphan, who lives a busker’s life on Damyadi Space Station.
  • Spitball, a young speedster, who races into the superhero limelight… and away from flesh-eating zombies.

From authors as diverse as Stefon Mears, Mario Milosevic, Carl S. Plumer, Shantnu Tiwari, J.D. Brink, and Sherry D. Ramsey; in genres covering Fantasy, Science Fiction, the Paranormal, and more! Enjoy tales of wonder, adventure, and excitement — all featuring fearless teenagers of high school and college age.

Enjoy some of the best books featuring teens by some of the best, new authors writing today. All in one superdeal.


Help Ben Wolverton: A Book Bomb

David Farland (aka Wolverton) is a bestselling author and a teacher of other authors both famous (Stephanie Meyer, Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells) and not yet famous (me).

His son, Ben, was severely injured in a longboarding accident. The family has no insurance, and the bills for the hospital and treatment in this instance often exceed a million dollars.

Today I’m supporting a book bomb, in which we encourage people to purchase one of Dave’s books. In particular, I encourage you to pick up Nightingale. Not only is it an awesome (multi-award-winning) book, but David get’s 70% of the purchase price on Amazon. (for Nook links, hit up the link at the bottom of this post.) The higher up the rankings Nightingale gets, the more exposure it will get and more people will buy it.

That is how a book bomb works!

Click This Pic and Get the Book!!!!

Click through to the official site and check it out. Let’s get his multi-award-winning YA novel Nightingale waaay up on Amazon’s bestseller list.

For more information and updates about Ben’s condition. There is also a link to a fund for direct contributions if you’re so moved.

Help Ben Wolverton: Books for the Book Bomb

Cool Books and Gadets I’m into Right Now

Here’s the run down. (Note: All these are affiliate links, but you can easily get around that by searching for these items on Amazon.)


Don Quixoteby Cervantes: this is a looong novel. Fortunately, each chapter is relatively short and the story is very episodic. That means you can read it in bits. The book is hilarious!

Sandman Slipcase SetI had never read Gaiman’s masterpiece. Probably because I never had a history of reading comics at all. I’ve heard it referenced so many times, I decided to educate myself. It’s great!

The Sketchnote Handbook Video Edition: the illustrated guide to visual note taking (includes The Sketchnote Handbook book and access to The Sketchnote Handbook Video)
I wish I’d had this taught to me in school. I was terrible note taker all the way through college. Sketchnotes offers a different—and far more engaging—way to take notes, using pictures, typography, and page structure. The best thing is, you don’t have to be a good artist. A finished page of sketchnotes looks cool, too.

Gadgets and Things

I’m loving my SONOS PLAY:3 wireless speakers. I put one in the living room and now I have the playbar for the bedroom tv. I can send music from Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, etc to it using my iPhone, computer, iPad, kindle fire, wirelessly. Easy to set up and sounds great.

I’ve been walking around in my Merrel Barefoot shoes. They take a bit of getting used to because they don’t have the high, cushy heel most sneaks have. They’re extremely lightweight and comfy.

Dropcam is the best wi-fi security cam I’ve found. High quality video, easy to set up.