Starkiller (The Undermountain Saga #3)

Starkiller (The Undermountain Saga #3)
Series: The Undermountain Saga, Book 3
Genres: SF, Young Adult
Publisher: Undermountain Books LLC
Publication Year: 2012
The Undermountain SagaPerfect for fans of YA science fiction. A group of teens embarks on a backpacking adventure, each wanting an escape from real life, each for a different reason. For Danny it's his mother's domineering boyfriend; for cheerful Breyona, it's a suppressed memory; for Shiv it's a tr...
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About the Book

Starkiller is the stunning final act in The Undermountain Saga.

While the wicked bigfoot leader Hanameesovenama plans First Contact with the human race, Danny and Breyona race to stop the vile tangoga boss GorVit from using the starkiller weapon to destroy the sun.
In their search, they find an ancient king who may hold the key to preventing the apocalypse.
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