Afterlife (The Undermountain Saga #2)

They think their adventures are behind them, but the war between tangoga and bigfeet still rages . . .

In the thrilling second book of The Undermountain Saga, Danny and Breyona plunge deeper into the war between the tangoga and bigfeet. They will both be tested, both will be tempted by darkness.
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About the Book

The six teens who were rescued from a mountainside in the Canadian Rockies are now famous. But only they know the true story–of what they discovered, what they survived–of Undermountain. Those secrets bind them together and pull them toward an ill-fated reunion.

The tangoga boss GorVit searches for a lost technology, the terrible weapon of a vanished race. And he’ll happily use Breyona as leverage to get Danny’s help.

Thrust into the midst of war, and into the arms of a beautiful queen, Danny races on a collision course with destiny. And Breyona, still testing the limits of her amazing powers, must choose between what she desires and what is right.

One will give in.

One will give up.

One will give all.

The Undermountain Saga series is a YA adventure that blends thriller-pacing and lovable characters. Author Eric Kent Edstrom (The Scion Chronicles) delivers more of his shocking twists and trademark humor. Get your copy today!

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Afterlife (The Undermountain Saga #2)
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Series: The Undermountain Saga, Book 2
Genres: SF, Young Adult
Publisher: Undermountain Books LLC
Publication Year: 2012