Scion Chronicles Book 3 Update

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Hello, everyone. If you’re just finishing up Child of lies, you’re wondering when the next book will be out. If you finished a while ago, you’re probably going “oh, yeah, where the #$#! is that 3rd book? I’m dying to know what happens with Jacey, Humphrey, Belle, Livy, and Dr. Carlhagen.” I get messages every day about it, so I thought I’d post an update here where you will find it. A few people were worried that because I just posted the short story “Pinkie Beauty” to Amazon and other...

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1952 Olivetti-Underwood Studio 44

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The 1952 date is based on info from typewriterdatabase.com. My Studio 44 is S#: 480xxx I found this beauty languishing in its filthy (I mean filthy) carrying case at a local antique shop. It looked cleaner there than it did when I got it home. But that’s always how it is. Well, it’s clean now and the sticky A and Q keys are working smoothly now thanks to this Typewriter Heaven post. I never would have figured it out otherwise. I shoulda taken a before and after photo of the case. It was just grody. Typing on this is a bit firmer...

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Welcome Wattpad Friends!

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If you came here from Wattpad, welcome. If not, welcome anyway! Undermountain has been featured on Wattpad for a couple weeks now and it’s racking up the reads (over 35,000 as of today). I’m so grateful for all the great comments, votes, and new followers. Thank you! UPDATE: All three books of the Undermountain Saga are available on Wattpad! I’m committed to posting all my novels on Wattpad, so make sure you follow me over there. I’m @EricKentEdstrom. Easy to remember. I’m currently posting a chapter every day or...

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Child of Lies — available now

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If you would like to support the launch, please grab a copy today so that we can get some chart heat going. And remember, the price will go up on Wednesday Sept. 3rd at midnight. Click a link below to get your copy now! –>Amazon –>Barnes and Noble (Nook) –>Kobo –>Apple Add it on Goodreads Oh, and if you’ve read the E-ARC already, please post a review right now! Especially on Amazon. Every review helps!     Child of Lies In this breathtaking second book of The Scion Chronicles, 17-year-old...

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Eric’s 5 Golden Tips for Writers

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Warning: Long Post  September 1st, 2014 will be a big milestone for me. On that day my next novel, Child of Lies, will finally launch. Whew! It’s been a long, bumpy road to get to this point. I recently got to hold the first hardcover copy in my hands. Very emotional moment! This book was by far the most difficult one to write. Over the course of the last year, I’ve learned some really tough writing lessons. Since so many of my readers are also writers or aspiring writers, I thought I’d share. #1: Your Characters are Your Teachers I take...

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The Led Zeppelin Cover that Brought Me to Tears

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Okay, so how did I miss this. Led Zeppelin was honored at The Kennedy Center Honors in 2012 and HEART played Stairway to Heaven. I watched it yesterday and I still haven’t really recovered from the emotional blast that hit me when it ended. We’ve heard this song hundreds of times, but this performance (with choir and orchestra) is just sensational. The guy who plays Jimmy Page’s solo nails it. For reasons that maybe only another guitarist could understand the repeating lick at 3:55 hit me really hard. It’s a simple,...

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Peace of Mind

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“Peace of mind isn’t at all superficial to technical work. It’s the whole thing. That which produces it is good work and that which destroys it is bad work.” —from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. Eric Edstrom is the author of the YA science fiction series The Undermountain Saga and The Scion ChroniclesContact Me | Buy My Books | Join My Email...

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My Process for Starting a New Book

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So while some of you are happily reading Child of Lies, I’m already working on BOOK 3. The working title is: Something of something.The pic below shows how I generally start a book, especially a sequel. I write a list of Things I Know For Sure (I had to blur out a bad spoiler). I’m sometimes wrong about these items, but usually I have a few big facts, scenes, reveals, and twists I’m pretty sure will show up. I’ve also got a document that reminds me Where We Left Off With Each Character. I’ve got another list...

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Free Short Story: Welcome to Earthworld

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Free Short Story: Welcome to Earthworld

In this humorous science fiction satire (a 7900 word short story), posthumans Zee and Dox visit the amusement planet of Earthworld, hoping to get in touch with their human roots. While Zee merely wants a human-themed wedding, Dox has a darker purpose for his visit. Join them and their Marktwain, an Artificial guide, as they explore the history of the human race as pieced together from the remains of Earth’s debris field. Read it in this tiny Wattpad embed or on their website or app.   Eric Edstrom is the author of the YA science...

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Cover Reveal: Child of Lies

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I’m thrilled to reveal the cover for my next novel, Child of Lies, the second book in The Scion Chronicles. The cover features a portrait of Belle, created by the talented Anna Dittmann. The book will be out July 2014. If you haven’t yet read book 1, Daughter of Nothing, what are you waiting for?   Eric Edstrom is the author of the YA science fiction series The Undermountain Saga and The Scion ChroniclesContact Me | Buy My Books | Join My Email...

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