Cover Art for Scions of Sacrifice

I’m thrilled to show you the beautiful new cover art for Scions of Sacrifice, the final novel in The Scion Chronicles.

As always, the art was created by the amazing Anna Dittmann!

Scions of Sacrifice Cover Art
Scions of Sacrifice Cover Art

Can’t wait to see it with the title on it. Exciting stuff!

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My Dog is Suddenly Terrified of Flies, a Life Lesson

We noticed that Lucky has been cowering and hiding behind our legs recently. This happened once before when the guys came to stain the deck. Their pressure washers freaked him out.

Anyway, a couple days ago he goes all scaredy-dog on us. The pic below is him sheltering under my chair. I was writing all day, and that’s where he hung out. We think he might have gotten stung by a bee and now thinks all buzzies are bad guys.

The dog teaches. Most fear is irrational. Harmless things often look scary. The trick is to stop oneself from cowering long enough to see what is truly there. Most of the time, it isn’t anything at all.

Lucky is scared of flies 🙁

Amazed Rabbits

So my wife JJ and I are watching The Big Bang Theory these days. We’re on season three now.

Last night we saw an episode that really tickled my weird sense of humor. This bit in particular: “If I could speak the language of rabbits, they would be amazed and I would be their king. I would be kind to my rabbit subjects…at first.” —Raj Koothrappali

What’s funny about this bit—aside from the ridiculousness of the whole notion—is the phrase “they would be amazed.” For me, that amazed bit is the real heart of the joke, not the overtly humorous “at first” that ends it.

I’ve been thinking about this “amazed” bit on and off all day. Why is that so funny to me? Maybe it’s the image of these slack-jawed, wide-eyed bunnies, stopping mid-chew to stare at Raj as he spoke to them. They’re thinking, “holy crap, that human can talk.”

But I wasn’t picturing that when I first saw the scene. I think “they would be amazed” is inherently funny, but I don’t know why.

Amazed rabbits. Sounds like a great name for a band.

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