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Hello! Welcome to my website.

I am the author of the YA science fiction trilogy The Undermountain Saga. While you’re here, checkout my blog, my book reviews, and my songs.

My main influences:

  • Star Wars – In particular, The Empire Strikes Back. I know I’m not alone in my love for this great story. Rest assured, it’s influenced my writing tremendously.
  • The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (and Brandon Sanderson) – I started reading this series when I was 19 or 20 years old, right when the first book came out in paperback. I love how the Two Rivers characters interact with each other. My favorite character is Rand (sorry, but I’m conventional that way)
  • Die Hard – Yes, the movie with Bruce Willis fighting terrorist theives in an office building. I’ve watched it dozens of times. I even outlined the whole movie beat by beat to understand how it ticks. Let me just say that no scene is wasted. It is an utterly amazing screenplay.
  • Pride and Prejudice – I’m a hopeless romantic at heart. That said, I know the BBC miniseries better than the actual book.
  • Harry Potter – Why did I relate to the story of the boy under the stairs who is really a wizard? Maybe it was wish fulfillment. Maybe it’s because one can’t help but root for the orphan boy who finds a family amongst the only people who could possibly understand him. Hermione is obviously my favorite character, though.
  • The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson. I tried to re-read these recently but just couldn’t slog through it. They left an indelible impression on me, and taught me the concept of the anti-hero.
  • Aliens – The second movie in the series. The one directed by James Cameron.
  • The Shannara Books by Terry Brooks – I read the first three or four during high school. I recently discovered I was pronouncing Shannara wrong, which made me feel like a moron. I have not read anything past Wishsong . . . yet.
  • The Belgariad by David Eddings – I adored these books when I was a kid, devouring them whole like eating a chocolate chip cookie in one bite. I have not revisited them since, fearful that they wouldn’t live up to my memory of them.
  • The Lord of the Rings – I struggle through the books occasionally. I love them. I love the movies but I was severely disappointed by how they depicted the battle between Eowyn and the Nazgul.
  • The Matrix – Truly a brilliant movie that never gets old for me. It causes me to question reality on a regular basis.

So what do all those influences influence me to write? Well, I took on a YA science fiction series called The Undermountain Saga. It’s full of adventure, epic struggles, a bit of romance, and exotic locations.

Undermountain, the first volume of The Undermountain Saga was released in December of 2011. The follow up, Afterlife, came out in July of 2012. The final volume, Starkiller, was released in December of 2012.

For more insight into my strange pyche, check out this infographic!

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Eric Edstrom is the author of the YA science fiction series The Undermountain Saga and The Scion Chronicles
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