1952 Olivetti-Underwood Studio 44

The 1952 date is based on info from typewriterdatabase.com. My Studio 44 is S#: 480xxx

I found this beauty languishing in its filthy (I mean filthy) carrying case at a local antique shop. It looked cleaner there than it did when I got it home. But that’s always how it is. Well, it’s clean now and the sticky A and Q keys are working smoothly now thanks to this Typewriter Heaven post. I never would have figured it out otherwise.

I shoulda taken a before and after photo of the case. It was just grody.

Typing on this is a bit firmer than on my Smith Corona Silent or the Royal Quiet De Luxe, but it’s satisfying. The platen has turned into something a bit harder than granite, so I think that’s part of why it’s a bit on the loud side.

O-U Studio 44