A business puts an “enter” sign on one door “exit” sign on another. They do this in order to keep foot traffic flowing the way they want. But are the police are going to show up if you go in the exit?


The lines painted on a parking lot are also a rule, one which states, “Put your car between these lines.” When we see someone who does a poor job of it, or who blatantly takes up two slots, we are outraged. Rulebreaker! Do the cops show up?


How do you know when it’s okay to break a rule?

It comes down to the consequences of breaking it. Do you fear it or not?

Sometimes there are no real consequences.

I would not suggest you break the law, especially when it risks hurting someone else. But I’ve observed that those who perform on the largest stages tend to go in through the out door whenever they can.




Eric Edstrom is the author of the YA science fiction series The Undermountain Saga and The Scion Chronicles
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